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Development of 100 Houses on land off Otley Road

Cllrs Barry and Caroline Anderson and Adel Forum Members invite you to a “drop in” Consultation Event on Tuesday, 5th June from 4.00pm to 7.00pm at the Old Stables, Back Church Lane, Adel, LS16 8DW.

David Wilson Homes (DWH) have approved outline planning permission for up to 100 houses on the land adjacent to Otley Road next to the Centurion Fields development off Church Lane. They will shortly be submitting the detail of the development including numbers, green space, materials, layout and the types of houses.

This event, is not a formal meeting, however DWH will provide high level plans and house type drawings with specialists to answer questions. Hopefully also some computer generated imagery as requested by our Councillors.

This is your opportunity to comment and question the developer on the detail of their plans.  We hope you are able to join us for part of the evening.

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Next public, open meeting will take place on Tuesday, 7th February @ 7.30pm

The next public, open meeting of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum will take place on Tuesday, 7th February 2017 @ 7.30pm in the Tetley Room, Adel War Memorial Association, incorporating Adel Sport & Social Club, Church Lane, Adel, LS16 all residents and local businesses are welcome.

The purpose of the meeting will be to provide feedback on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan received both from the consultation events held in the Autumn and the written responses received since those meetings. Residents overwhelmingly supported the Plan and Policies with the main concerns relating to the developments proposed on the green fields opposite Adel Parish Church twixt Church Land and Otley Road and the land South of Dunstarn Lane. The green space, cycle ways and paths issues drew encouraging support as did plans for a children’s play area.

The comments and feedback from the events are now being reviewed and those relevant and appropriate will be incorporated in the Plan. The next step will be to send the plan to the Leeds City Council and after its comments have been considered it will be submitted to an independent Inspector to review it against the legal requirements. Once approved by the independent inspector it will go to a referendum of all Adel residents. We need 50% of those who vote in the referendum to approve the plan.

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Why we love Adel

Building on our two successful “Open days” we have commenced a formal engagement with the Adel Community through a survey of their housing and land development related issues. The top five reasons identified so far as to why people were attracted to move or stay in Adel were;
• Its peace and quiet
• The quality of the environment
• The character of the area
• Green space and
• Ease of access by transport to the city centre.

These could be threatened if the proposed developments take place and Leeds City Council and developers do not take these issues into account in their plans.

Other aspects that local people valued included the type of housing available, the good bus and road links, the sense of community, its heritage and listed buildings, its local education and health facilities and its low crime levels.
Traffic is consistently being identified as a key issue with 84% of respondents said there is too much traffic going through Adel raising concerns on road safety. Interestingly 49% said they would use a bus service that enabled them to get across to the other side of Adel to reach local schools, shops and health services.

In response to the question as to what additional services and facilities or resources people would like to see the top three were all low cost. Namely more identified walks around Adel, a nature trail and a trim trail. There is also strong support for better cycle access around Adel.
A ‘Facility for young people’ and ‘Children’s play playground’ again featured near the top of the list. These have consistently been identified over the years both have been included in the earlier Adel Neighbourhood Design Statement and in meetings held by our sister organisation, the Adel Association. There will be difficult decisions regarding the location of these facilities.
The return showed that over 50% of the survey had lived in Adel over 20 years and nearly 75% over 10 years- all evidence of a settled and established community. This is be borne out by the fact that the largest age group in the sample was in 45-59 age range (25%) and the largest accumulative sample was in the more mature age range with 51% of sample over 60 years reflecting, to a large extent, the overall age pattern in the area.

A Farmers’ market, Community centre and University of the Third Age are proposals that would bring added value to the area and are noted for future consideration.
If you would like to complete our survey or have any comments please do not hesitate to contact me on bondster@btopenworld.com

Ian Bond

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Public Consultation Event – Adel Neighbourhood Forum

Public Consultation Event

Come and have your say on the future shape and feel of Adel.

Saturday, 20th April 2013 from 10.00am ‘til 4.00pm

Adel St John Church of England, Primary School, Long Causeway,

Leeds LS16 8EX

The purpose of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum is to give a renewed sense of ownership to the Adel Community on land development issues.  Also to ensure that local people have a strong influence over the future design, layout, character and mix of future developments.  Adel will undoubtedly attract further development so the event is your chance to have your say.

What sort of housing development would you like to see in Adel?

How can the character of Adel be improved and where are the priorities?

What type of community facilities or services to support local businesses will be needed?

What are the important heritage, green and environment issues?

What additional education provision and public/private transport services will be needed to meet increased demand?

Your views are important to the success of this initiative.

For further information, please contact;

Ian Bond on bondster@btopenworld.com

The next meeting of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum will take place on 22nd April 2013.


The purpose of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum is to give a renewed sense of ownership to the Adel Community on land development issues and also to ensure that local people have a strong influence over the future design, layout, character and mix of future developments.

The Vision will be to ensure a sustainable future for Adel.  A key factor is to define a clear identity for the area which would be for the benefit of the inhabitants and would also foster a spirit of pride in the local community.

There is a close dialogue with Leeds City Planning Department and a Neighbourhood Plan will be produced which will be the subject of a Community referendum. The preparation of the plan will help create new and lasting partnerships, for example between public services, businesses and the voluntary sector.

The Government has two goals for neighbourhood planning: one is that local people will have influence over where development can go and how it might look; the other is that neighbourhoods will be more welcoming of development because of a renewed sense of ownership.

Leeds City Council’s Vision for 2030 is to be the best city in the UK.

1) Leeds will be fair, open and welcoming;

2) Leeds’ economy will be prosperous and sustainable; and

3) All Leeds’ communities will be successful.

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