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Schools & Organisations in Adel Leeds 16

Adel is fortunate to have two high quality primary schools.

Adel St John the Baptist Church of England Primary School
Long Causeway, Adel, LEEDS LS16 8EX

Adel Primary School
Tile Lane, Adel, LEEDS LS16 8DY


The Adel Association represents all Adel residents and businesses.  It meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at The Stables, 7.30pm except in August when there is not a meeting. For more information contact Cllr Barry Anderson, details below.
Councillor Barry Anderson
is the local councillor linked to both Adel Neighbourhood Forum and The Adel Association.  If you would like to subscribe to email message updates please contact him and give him your email address.

You can visit our nationally recognised small garden of excellence the beautiful Adel garden, York Gate, during the summer season.

Adel Crag is a local community group.

Adel War Memorial Association   incorporating Adel Sports and Social Club, Church Lane, Adel, LEEDS LS16 8DE.  A wealth of sports and social activities in the heart of Adel.

Adel & Ireland Wood Community Centre, New Adel Lane, Adel, LEEDS LS16 6AZ  e-mail:

Adel St John the Baptist Church – Our Parish Church is a national treasure and recognised internationally it was built circa 1150.  Possibly the most complete Norman Church in England.  The church is open to visitors several times a week, please see the website for details.

Adel Methodist Church
Gainsborough Avenue, Adel, LEEDS LS16 7PG

Religious Society of Friends, Quakers,
New Adel Lane, LEEDS LS16 6AZ

Friends of Lawnswood Cemetery   Otley Road, Leeds LS16 6AH.  Friends aim to enhance, promote and protect these fascinating Victorian monuments, buildings and burial grounds.

Adel & District Horticultural Society  The Society hosts thriving Spring and Autumn Shows.  Guest speakers on the second Monday of each month from September to May @ 7.45 in the Friends’ Meeting House in New Adel Lane.

Adel Organisations

York Gate Garden