Re-Designation Application

This is an application for the renewal of the designation of Adel Neighbourhood Forum as a neighbourhood forum. It is in connection with the Draft Neighbourhood Plan that is currently being considered for a Policy and Evidence Review prior to submission to Leeds City Council.


The name of the Neighbourhood Forum is Adel Neighbourhood Forum

The Forum has a written constitution

Leeds City Council approved the designation of Adel Neighbourhood Forum for the purposes of neighbourhood planning on 3rd April 2014.

The forum is established for the express purpose of giving renewed sense of ownership to the Adel Community on land development issues; to ensure that local people have a strong influence over the future of our community, including use, location, character and mix of developments; to prepare, in partnership with the local planning authority, an effective neighbourhood plan that is a clear statement of the needs and Vision of the Adel Community.

The membership of the forum is open to Individuals who live in the area

Individuals who work in the area (either for business carried out there or otherwise).

The Steering Group, acting as the management committee will make reasonable endeavours to comply with any such other conditions as may be prescribed.

The Adel area is recognised by local residents as a coherent area, with identifiable characteristics, formed by its history and physical layout. It is seen by local residents as a distinct neighbourhood

Should you require any further information in support of this application please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ian Bond, Chair

Adel Neighbourhood Forum

c/o 1 Park View



Tel 07946 872455


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