Public Consultation Event – Adel Neighbourhood Forum

Public Consultation Event

Come and have your say on the future shape and feel of Adel.

Saturday, 20th April 2013 from 10.00am ‘til 4.00pm

Adel St John Church of England, Primary School, Long Causeway,

Leeds LS16 8EX

The purpose of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum is to give a renewed sense of ownership to the Adel Community on land development issues.  Also to ensure that local people have a strong influence over the future design, layout, character and mix of future developments.  Adel will undoubtedly attract further development so the event is your chance to have your say.

What sort of housing development would you like to see in Adel?

How can the character of Adel be improved and where are the priorities?

What type of community facilities or services to support local businesses will be needed?

What are the important heritage, green and environment issues?

What additional education provision and public/private transport services will be needed to meet increased demand?

Your views are important to the success of this initiative.

For further information, please contact;

Ian Bond on

The next meeting of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum will take place on 22nd April 2013.


The purpose of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum is to give a renewed sense of ownership to the Adel Community on land development issues and also to ensure that local people have a strong influence over the future design, layout, character and mix of future developments.

The Vision will be to ensure a sustainable future for Adel.  A key factor is to define a clear identity for the area which would be for the benefit of the inhabitants and would also foster a spirit of pride in the local community.

There is a close dialogue with Leeds City Planning Department and a Neighbourhood Plan will be produced which will be the subject of a Community referendum. The preparation of the plan will help create new and lasting partnerships, for example between public services, businesses and the voluntary sector.

The Government has two goals for neighbourhood planning: one is that local people will have influence over where development can go and how it might look; the other is that neighbourhoods will be more welcoming of development because of a renewed sense of ownership.

Leeds City Council’s Vision for 2030 is to be the best city in the UK.

1) Leeds will be fair, open and welcoming;

2) Leeds’ economy will be prosperous and sustainable; and

3) All Leeds’ communities will be successful.

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Adel neighbourhood forum minutes – 4th Feb 2013




Attendees: Ian Bond (co-chair), Nick Brown (co-chair), Kate Manogue, John Hartley, Sue Holmes, Geoff Steel, Nira Dattani, Cllr. Barry Anderson, Caroline Anderson (Minutes), Grace Clark, Allan Dawson, Francis Garbutt, Sarah Rushton

 Apologies: Ken Garrett, Paul Simkins and Ann Sellens

1 Welcome

Ian Bond welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave an overview of the Forum and its purpose. Ian and Nick offered to Co-Chair these meetings. We are currently at the early stages of trying to pull a Forum Group together.

2 Progress to Date

Nick explained that the relationship with Leeds City Council (LCC) is growing and two officers have a full time remit to provide support to the Forums that exist throughout Leeds. The suggested Boundary for the Neighbourhood Forum area was put out to consultation and we have been asked to “tweak” this at each side. LCC will suggest changes to the boundary and we either agree or not. Following the boundaries being agreed there is a consultation period of 3 weeks. We then need to ratify the Forum and 21 people are needed for this. Their names are submitted to the Council who check that we are fully representative of the community and show that we have given everyone the chance to participate.

Our allocated officer is Ian Mackay and he will attend a steering group meeting in a couple of weeks.

A public consultation event is planned for Easter.

Sarah Rushton (Steering Group) explained that we need to consult as widely as we can within the community and get feedback at all stages. We need to find out peoples’ views on what they are concerned about and what they want to see for Adel. All this will feed into the plan and the small focus groups will work their ideas. If our consultation is not done properly the plan will fail and will be worthless.

Questions were raised and comments made:

Sarah suggested working with the schools and involving children. Ian agreed we should and both Head Teachers had been sent letters to find out how they can contribute. Demand for school places needs to be factored in to the plan. Should we make provision for a new school?

Cllr. Anderson raised concerns:

We need to have a view on the Core Strategy as a Group and we need to submit comments by middle of February when the consultation closes.

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is due to go out for consultation in February after the Council’s Executive Board meeting in February and we are entitled to 25% of money which could be up to £90 per square metre of land built on by developers which comes back to the community to spend.

David Wilson Homes are going to use a lack of a 5-year land supply to apply to build on the PAS site opposite Adel Church.

Sarah explained the different Policies that the smaller Focus Groups will be able to use that are already in existence within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and can be drawn from as the over-arching policies are already in place.

Action – Sarah to give Geoff Steel the Policy on Transport.

People can join Focus Groups in areas of their own interest.

John Hartley will be responsible for publicity for the Group and marketing everything we do within the community.

3 Proposed Structure

Sarah proposed that Ian and Nick be officially elected as Co-Chairs. John Hartley seconded the proposal. This was agreed.

In respect of a Treasurer this was postponed as currently we do not have any funds. Any funds we do get can be lodged with the Adel Association meantime.

Caroline Anderson agreed to be the Secretary.

Allan Dawson asked about a blurring of the boundaries, Ian explained we had used the Adel NDS as a starting point. Nick explained that anyone on the fringes can have a say on anything inside the official boundary.

Ian Mackay has received our draft constitution and agreed that it is fit for purpose. As we are not a company limited by guarantee and a community group, we need to get the Council to take responsibility for the Group’s activities.

AP – Geoff to check the liability part with Bruce Buchan.

4 Focus Groups – determining composition.

The Focus Groups need to start coming together now. It was suggested that:

Allan and Kate as the two school representatives take Education.

  • Nick takes Design
  • Geoff leads Transport
  • Paul Simkins takes Public Amenities
  • John Hartley – Publicity

Sarah will feed information through to the Focus Groups.

It was also suggested that we need to involve Adel businesses.

Sarah mentioned Planning Aid – a national body who help groups with their plans but they are waiting on funding being confirmed in March 2013.

John Hartley set out what he was looking at from the publicity angle:

Website being set up

  • Facebook link
  • Blog
  • Twitter

Also we need a big event to launch us in the areas. Sarah and Nick to build on the bones of this.

We also need to consult with the Statutory Bodies – Police, Fire Authority, Water, Health etc.

We have 2300 homes to reach in the community.

Nina offered the Pharmacy as a place to publicise the Forum and meetings/events etc.  John would also like to consult with 3 other groups:

Older People (we have a link with OPAL)

18-25 year olds age group – digital approach

Businesses – we need to talk to them.

Allan suggested John also look at Higher Education.

Date of Next Meetings: 22nd April, 22nd July, 4th November, all 2013.

The meeting was formally closed by the Co-Chairs.



Adel Neighbourhood Forum – Inaugural Meeting 5th Nov 2012


Adel Neighbourhood Forum

Inaugural Meeting: 05 November 2012.

1.0  Welcome and introduction


2.0  Present:   Barry Anderson Ward Councillor

Mike Andrews Real Estate

Paul Beckett Surveyor

Ian Bond Co Chair, Community Member

Nick Brown Co Chair, Architect

Nira Dattani Adel Pharmacy

John Hartley Community Member

Hazel Hinchliffe Hazel’s Cafe

Elle Pearson Community Member

Sarah Rushton Town Planner

Amanda Schonfeld Community Member

Paul Simkins Community Member

Geoff Steel Adel St John PC

Anne Sellars OPAL


Observors:    Caroline Anderson

Sylvia Halliday



3.0  Apologies: Bruce Buchan Judge (Rtd)

Karen Clements Community Member

David Hawkin, Hawkin’s Pharmacy

Sue Holmes Leeds Met University

Barry Hopson Adel Association

Lyndsay Pearson Doctors Surgery

David Ashelford Retired GP

Ian Mackay Leeds Planning

Greg Mulholland MP

Beryl Thompson Editor Adel Bells

Neil Brown Dept for Work and Pensions

Grace Clark Churches in Leeds 16

Simon Cornell Developer / Builder

Ken Garrett  Community Member

Keith Spark  Community Member

Paul Warrener Tenant Farmer

Eric Williamson Telereal Trillium


4.0  Presentation: overview and background / work to date (See separate attachment for copy of presentation)

Nick Brown introduced the vision for what the Neighbourhood forum hoped to achieve

Amanda Schonfeld provided a community perspective  and the importance of


Sarah Rushton provided an overview of the legislative context and technical  requirements.

5.0  Questions / Discussion

Issue of boundary- ensuring western boundary is viable particularly in relation to

relationship to Holt Park

Significance of Developing Neighbourhood Plan – gives strength and respectability to

encapsulating local consideration in any proposed development and impact on community


6.0 Items of Business:

6.1 Proposed Adel Neighbourhood Plan Boundary- logic of proposed boundary generally agreed. Fine detail to be agreed with Alwoodley Parish Council and Pool Parish Council regarding eastern and north western boundary.

6.2  Adel Neighbourhood Forum:

Constitution- draft constitution circulated. Geoff Steel said this was an amalgam of a number of draft constitutions. It has been considered by Bruce Buchan, a retired judge and is seen as acceptable for our purpose.

Comments-Legal status of Neighbourhood Forum may be worth exploring to safeguard individual members. Two possible options are Company Limited by Guarantee or Community Interest Company

Proposal- Draft constitution to be considered by members and to be confirmed at next meeting of the forum. Any comments or suggested amendments to be passed on to Geoff Steel.

Organisational Structure; roles and responsibilities- Steering group have suggested a structure in which the full neighbourhood Forum would meet on a quarterly basis with bulk of work being undertaken in focus groups. Steering group would meet more frequently to address any urgent issues and to ensure coordination of focus groups

Leadership; endorsement – Nick Brown and Ian Bond recognise they have assumed roles of Co-Chairs as means of getting proposal to establish Neighbourhood Forum underway. Role of chair of forum will be kept under review but they are suggesting no change for at least next three months.

Similarly the steering group formed to undertake preliminary work was drawn from individuals approached with relevant levels of interest or experience. This group has undertaken a significant amount of work but would not wish their proposals to be seen as definitive – these are for the Neighbourhood Forum to determine. Composition of the steering group is not fixed and any members of the Forum are invited to contribute

Comments- This was agreed.

6.3 Focus Groups- Proposed Focus Groups were circulated with requests for preferences to be indicated prior to 19th Nov. It is expected that the bulk of the work of the Forum

will be undertaken in the Focus groups, feeding into the full Neighbourhood Forum  for endorsement.

Terms of reference for focus groups to be developed. It is recognised that the focus groups may overlap or that specific issues may emerge from a focus group that may require a specific level of consideration. In all cases it is important to draw on whatever relevant experience might be available within Adel or beyond and not necessarily confined to members of the Neighbourhood Forum.

Comments- In principle agreed. Should there be a specific focus group to consider what type of housing provision is required in Adel?

7.0 Any other Business-  Letter has been received from England & Lyle, Chartered Town Planners on behalf of Stirling Investments who own site ref:3360 which is the existing Cookridge Hotel and golf course. They are looking to develop part of site which is currently green belt and within the Adel Neighbourhood Plan area and wish to work with the Neighbourhood Forum on their proposals.

Comments – With the proposed number of brownfield sites in Adel, this should take pressure off the need for green field sites to be utilised in Adel.

Action- Letter to be sent to England& Lyle suggesting contact with Planning and to invite meeting with the Neighbourhood Forum when fully constituted.

8.0 Next meeting dates:

Forum: Mon 04 February 2013, 8pm.