Adel Housing or Heritage, who cares?

Well a lot of people in Adel appear to care when it comes to the future of the green field land opposite The Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Adel.The setting of this grade 1 listed building  could be changed irrevocably if a proposal by Hallam Land is approved to build 100 houses and allocate land for a school on the western fields on land facing the church, twixt Otley Road and Church Land.

A further major concern is the impact on highways that will add to traffic congestion on the already very busy A660, together with additional traffic generated from new housing developments in Otley and plans for developments in nearby Bramhope. The only other access out of the site runs directly through a newly build estate and on to the rural Church Lane. Traffic from the school and family houses would bring serious congestion and health and safety concerns on these roads.

Some 100 residents attended a public meeting jointly organised by Adel Forum and Adel Association in November, Chaired by Cllr Barry Anderson, to express their views to representatives from Leeds City Council. The developers declined the opportunity to attend. Since then over one hundred objections have been received by the council from residents.

Meanwhile the forum has also been considering plans for the old East Moor Reformatory site – where the Grade 2 listed building that has fallen into serious disrepair, on this brown field site. The Forum supports imaginative plans which would increase the level of housing which could lead to a reduction on the other green field sites in Adel. Leeds City Planners argue that they cannot adjust the figures to reflect this. The Forum is now seeking clarification from Sajid Javid,MP Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, through Greg Mulholland local MP. ‘Whoever takes this site will need an imaginative approach’ said Nick Brown, Co Chair of Adel Neighbourhood Forum ‘and one that puts housing needs before profit.’

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Adel, Leeds, Otley Road

Consultation Meetings in Adel

Land Development in Adel

The series of consultation meetings on the Adel Neighbourhood Plan covering land development and related issues for the next 20 years took place in September and October 2016. There was a healthy turnout of around 170 local residents and a steady flow of visitors expressed their support, interest and concerns to Members of the Forum and Cllrs Barry and Caroline Anderson.

The main concerns were Leeds City Council’s Site Allocation Plans on the housing developments on green field sites. The green space, cycle ways and paths issues drew encouraging support as did plans for a children’s play area.

Councillor Barry Anderson said “I was very pleased with the turnout to the consultation events and it has given the Forum a lot of information that confirms we are in accord with what residents want. We were able to meet and talk to a lot of people and explain what the plan is all about for those who had not been to an event before. We really appreciate residents taking the time to come and see how the plan is coming together. I think people were impressed with the amount of work that has been put into it and the time and effort given by the volunteers who make up the Forum Steering Group.”

The comments and feedback from the events will now be reviewed and those relevant and appropriate will be incorporated in the Plan.  The next stage will be to send the plan to the Leeds City Council and after its comments have been considered it will be submitted to an independent Inspector to review it against the legal requirements. Once approved by the independent inspector it will go to a referendum of all Adel residents. We need 50% of those who vote in the referendum to approve the plan.

If you have any comments on the above or would like further information please contact:

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The feedback on the formal responses received also the public meeting of 17th November on the proposed development by Hallam Land on the site opposite Adel Parish Church will follow later.



Housing Development twixt Church Lane, Adel & Otley Road

Joint Meeting of Adel Neighbourhood Forum & Adel Association

Thursday, 17th November 2016, 7.30pm in the Old Stables, back of Adel Parish Curch

Cllr Barry Anderson will Chair this important meeting to seek residents’ views on the proposed housing development by Hallam Land on the land opposite Adel Parish Church. The agenda will be:

  1. Introductions
  2. Outline of current position with Leeds’ housing e.g. recent Inspector’s reports and 5 year land supply
  3. Discussion on the views of residents on the following topics:
  • Highways/Transport
  • Trees
  • Screening
  • Number of houses
  • Types of housing
  • The position of the school on the site (not on whether or not a school is or isn’t wanted but in terms of the impact it will have on the properties that surround it).
  • What will happen to the land between Adel Parish Church and the edge of the development site.
  • Green space areas
  • Lack of infrastructure
  • Any other issues.

Invitations have been sent to Hallam Land and to Leeds City Council officers.

All Adel Residents and Businesses are welcome.


Consultation Process – Draft Pre-Submission Document – download your copy here

Consultation Process

The draft version of the plan (PDF) is available now on free download

Please read it and let us have your comments.  The 6 week Consultation process is running from 24 September, finishing Friday 4th November.



Final Chance to comment on Adel Neighbourhood Forum

New Series of Adel Consultation Meetings

 Ian Bond, the Co-Chairman reports that the Forum has now arranged a new series of consultation meetings to finalise the Adel Neighbourhood Plan on land development and related issues.  These are important meetings on land development in Adel for the next 20 years. Please come and give your views to Members of the Neighbourhood Forum and Councillors Barry and Caroline Anderson.

 The details of the events for Adel residents and businesses are;

 The AGM of the Cookridge Gardens Estate Association (residents in Whinfield, Broomfield, Heathfield, The Drive, The Crescent and parts of Otley Road, Holt Lane and Farrar Lane) takes place at 2pm on Saturday the 24th September at the Friends’ Meeting House on New Adel Lane, LS16 6AZ. A key part of the meeting will be Councillor Barry Anderson setting out the latest position and proposals for the Adel Neighbourhood Plan. This is a great chance for residents to see the proposals, give your views and chat to members of the Adel Neighbourhood team.

The Forum has organised drop in sessions at the venues below;

 Thursday, 6th October from 7.30 to 9.00pm at the Old Stables behind Adel Parish Church, Back Church Lane, LS16 8DW

 Saturday, 8th October from 10.30am to 3.00pm at Adel St John Church of England Primary School, Long Causeway. LS16 8EX

 Tuesday, 11th October from 7.30 to 9.00pm at the Adel War Memorial Hall which incorporates Adel Sports and Social Club, Church Lane, LS16 8DE

 We will ensure the complete Plan is on our website and shall make copies available in the Holt Park Library, Ralph Thoresby School. The comments received will then be incorporation into the document

 After the consultations we will seek advice from Leeds City Council before submitting it to an independent Inspector.  Once agreed by the independent inspector it will go to a referendum of Adel residents. We need 50% of those who vote in the referendum to approve the plan.

 If you have any comments on the above or require further information please contact Ian Bond, Joint Chairman, Adel Neighbourhood Forum by e-mail 

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Development in Adel Neighbourhood

Proposed Housing Development by Indigo Planning on
Land South of Dunstarn Lane LS16 8EG.

Have your say at a drop in event on 30th June between 3.30pm – 7.30pm at Adel War Memorial Association, Church Lane Adel LS16 8DE or tel 0113 380 0270


Minutes of Adel Neighbourhood Forum

Minutes of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum – Full Forum meeting held in AWMA on Monday 16th May at 7.30pm.

Including the Co-Chairmen, Secretary and some members of the Steering Group there were 20 people in attendance. Apologies were received from Graham Bond and Vivienne Duke.

1. Welcome

Ian Bond Co-Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. He outlined the purpose of the Forum which is to produce the Neighbourhood Plan (NP).

2. Update on the draft Adel Neighbourhood Plan

Ian recapped on the timelines of our work. The Policy Intentions Document was produced and delivered to all households last summer. He asked “Why have a NP”. It cannot be a wish list. Communities need to think about development in their area. It is not for stopping development. What do residents want to see in the policies document? What is reasonable? What do residents support? This was all part of our consultations held over the last 2 years.

Once the final plan is produced we have to consult again to ensure residents approve it. Once the referendum has been held and the Plan approved it becomes part of a suite of documents that developers and planners have to take into consideration in planning law.

Darren Carroll our consultant has now helped us to shape the policies.

3. Concept Plans

Nick Brown, Co-Chair, has been working on the plan and has produced a few copies for tonight. All key elements of the plan and the policies along with diagrams are in the document. This will help to bring it to life. Not totally complete but it is in draft.  Nick feels we are 90% there. It also explains the consultations and the pre-submission process. It tells the history of Adel and how we came into being as a Forum. It summarises the issues as a result of the consultation. It has 18 objectives that have evolved into 6 policy objectives. In the Plan the policy areas are colour-coded. The final part is projects that have been identified through the consultation. Nick also explained the CIL contributions from developers (Community Infrastructure Levy) and how this would be allocated. Part of the next consultation will be asking people to prioritise this funding and if there are any new projects to add to what was already identified. There are also concept plans in it.

Ian outlined the various developments that are ongoing and due. We are now at the stage where there are 3 sites where we need to put concepts forward – Old Adel Reformatory site. Ian explained how this site is very difficult. Contains a Grade II listed building that is falling down. The land attached is also earmarked for development. The Dunstarn Lane site – bit next to the Heath and also the adjoining green field site (see below).

Site Allocations process ongoing – 2 other sites where development should be resisted – opposite the church and the green field site at Dunstarn Lane.

What the Forum is trying to do is find a way of putting forward as many reasons as possible not to build on these 2 sites. We are happy to build on the old Adel Reformatory site. We have a plan for development there that intensifies the number, and in the Dunstarn Lane site, to avoid having to use the land opposite the church or the green field Dunstarn Lane site.

We have advised the Council of our alternative plans for the old Adel Reformatory site. We want smaller units (flats/houses) plus commercial use and bring the swimming pool area back into use.

Dunstarn Lane site has a pre-app submission for the part next to the Heath but it is standard developer fare and unimaginative. A lot of trees would be lost and it is out of character with the Heath. We would like to see smaller concentrated dwellings and a design that fits in more with the Heath.

The Council needs to maximise the amount they can get for the old Adel Reformatory site.  When we go to consultation people need to be clear what we are putting forward.

The third site that has been a subject of debate for us is the land opposite the church. We know there are developers who want the site and are happy to see it developed. This land is close to most people’s hearts in Adel. We discussed as a steering group whether to put any proposals in the NP for this land. We thought we could put forward pushing any development to the west side of the stream only. The land is also adjacent to the Conservation area. Being in a conservation area does not stop development happening it just protects what might be achievable. We are still developing our thinking on this.

4. Extension of the Adel St. John’s Conservation Area

Sarah Rushton, a Steering Group member, explained what she is hoping to do in terms of describing how we might put this land into an extended conservation area proposal. We have a letter of support from Natural England (formerly English Heritage).

In terms of extending the conservation area this is something that the steering group needs to work on. If it is successful and development ever takes place on the land within it, it would have to be of the highest standard. The significance of the site has been recognised by subsequent Planning Inspectors.

Other issues for that site are highways access, school places, GP capacity, and public transport capacity.

5. Greenspace

Ian talked about why people are attracted to Adel. One of the reasons is its green space. Are there any unprotected green areas that need to be recognised in the NP? We have drawn up a list of areas that we would like to see designated as green space. Ian said we are working on this and Paul Simkins of the Steering Group has this responsibility. Ian cited the American Plantation as an example plus the land at the back of Adel Primary in the Adel Woods. In the NP draft we have identified 22 green sites.  We see Bedquilts as a key area to be protected.

Land off Holt Lane (Devil’s Field) has potential to be a pedestrian route through to Golden Acre but is currently inaccessible to pedestrians.

Residents will be able to comment on the identified green space and whether there is any to add or remove. We have to describe each one as to its value to the community using available set criteria for NPs.

6. Developing Footpaths and Cycle ways

Although Leeds wants a Tour de France and a Tour de Yorkshire legacy there are not many cycle tracks in the locality. Ian explained what we would like to see for cycling and for walking. The cycle ways cannot be roads to nowhere they need to connect up. We need to improve home to school transport and cycling might be an option if we can get this right.

Jeremy Emmott, a Steering Group member advised that we have an aspiration to get from Adel through to Paul’s Pond via the golf course if we can negotiate a path through with the Golf Course management. We would also like to get to Golden Acre on foot and the current path is not really ideal.

The Beech Walk or Old Damstone Lane is still an avenue of old beech trees running from Adel on the Otley Road through to Golden Acre and can still be seen and if this could be made passable it would make a nicer walk to Golden Acre but it is in private hands. We would need to look at legal documents going back 2 centuries. We have someone looking into this.

7. Proposals for pre-submission consultation

As far as the next stage is concerned we have to submit our plan to the Council who will appoint an independent Inspector to look at it. Before that we have to consult with the community again and amend the plan if necessary.

We aim to put a flyer out to all households early September for public meetings in early October. We cannot afford to distribute copies to all households in Adel. We will ensure the finished document is on the website. We shall highlight the main points in the flyer and we shall hold pubic consultation meetings in 4 venues in Adel. We shall make copies available in public venues such as the Holt Park Library.

Once the final version is approved by the independent inspector it will go to a referendum of all Adel residents. We need 50% of those who vote in the referendum to approve the plan.

8. Financial Update

Ian gave an update on the financial position. We now only have £736.52 once cheques are presented. We are not asking for more money now but we need to be aware that if we have to start employing Counsel to fight anything we would not have the money.

9. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the full forum is to be agreed.

The Next Open Meeting of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum

Please note the next full forum open meeting of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum is TBA sometime in July 2016.  All residents and local connections are welcome!



Open Meeting for Adel Residents & Businesses

Adel Neighbourhood Forum 16th May 2016

at 7.30pm Gladys Tetley Room, Adel War Memorial Association Sports and Social Club, Church Lane, LS16  8DE

Adel Leeds AGM Minutes





16 people attended the meeting.

  1. The Chairman Mr. Ian Bond opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.
  2. Election of Officers took place en bloc in respect of Co-Chairmen and Secretary. A new Treasurer was elected following the resignation of the previous Treasurer.


Chairman                  Mr. Ian Bond (no other nominations received so elected unopposed).


Co-Chairman            Mr. Nick Brown (no other nominations received so elected unopposed).


Secretary                   Mrs. Caroline Anderson (no other nominations received so elected unopposed).


Treasurer                   Mr. Graham Bond, no relation to the Chairman,  proposed by Mr. John Hartley, Seconded by Cllr. Barry Anderson. No other nominations received so elected unopposed.


  1. Chairman’s Report


The Chairman reported on the work of the Forum over the last year. He thanked the Steering Group on behalf of Nick and himself for the work on drafting the proposals for the Neighbourhood Plan and the Ward Councillors Barry and Caroline Anderson for their support throughout. Ian also thanked Mike Dando for all his help and wished him well as his health has not been good recently and he has had to relinquish working with us.


In the last year we have clarified our vision of Adel in the Policy Intentions Document produced in June. We have outlined the sites we believe can be developed and clearly stated our position in respect of the Site Allocations plan.


Concerns have been expressed in the community re infrastructure needs that require to be addressed. At the instigation of the Forum a Housing Market Needs Assessment was carried out. This report supported the need for a mix of housing.


We have secured funding to enable us to work with another consultant who will help us to shape our policies to meet the technical demands of planning law and achieve Regulation 14 status. This will get us to a stage where the plan can be submitted to the Local Authority and bring it to the attention of all those who live and work in Adel.


School provision has been identified as an area of concern. We are challenged to find a site suitable for another school; ideally we believe this should be west of Otley Road.


In addition to large sites we have also commented on a number of smaller planning applications, for example the possibility of a further takeaway on Otley Road and the redevelopment of the site at 2 Church Lane. We have also commented on the planning application for the Lawnswood Service Station.


We are now preparing for the plan to be adopted by the local community by way of a referendum but we cannot do this alone. We need members of the Forum to promote the plan and engage the community.


  1. Treasurer’s Report


Cllr. Barry Anderson had acted as Interim Treasurer and prepared the accounts for the AGM. He reported the income and expenditure for the last year and that there is a credit balance of £718 in general funds and a grant of £7591, bringing total funds to £8309.


The Chairman’s and the Treasurer’s Report were adopted, proposed by Mrs. Grace Clark and seconded by Mr. Jeremy Emmott.


  1. AOB


There were no items given to the chairman in advance of the meeting by the deadline circulated.