Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plans are formal documents which give the local community a say in the type of development which takes place in their area. Once adopted via a referendum of local residents they become part of the local council’s plans and have to be taken into consideration when any new planning application is assessed.

The Adel Neighbourhood Plan document itself, together with all the required supporting documentation, have now been formally submitted to Leeds City Council. The Council have now started an 8 week consultation exercise with residents and interested parties (such as land owners and businesses in the area) which will end on Wed 31 January 2024. If you wish to make any new comments or want to reiterate comments to the Council then please do so using this link to the relevant page on the Council’s website.

An external examiner for the Plan has been appointed and, once the Council’s consultation is complete, he will complete his review of the Plan (including identifying any changes needed to make it consistent with the relevant legislation). Finally, once the examiner has passed it, the Plan will be subject to a local referendum, organised by the Council, where we need more than 50% of people voting to be in favour.

For those who are interested, the full set of documents can now be accessed either from the Council’s webpage (link above) or from our Google Drive by clicking here.

We will update this post and the news section of the website as the Plan progresses through the process.

The sections below provide some more background information from the time of the final consultation exercise with residents in 2022.

Work has been going on for a number of years to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the Adel area and we are nearly ready to submit the draft Plan to Leeds City Council who will run the adoption process. Before that happens though we want to offer residents and other interested parties a final opportunity to make comments on the Plan. During the preparation of the draft Plan a number of consultations have been run with residents and other stakeholders but the last one was in 2016 and there have been several major changes in the area since then so we want to give everyone a further chance to have a say before the Plan is finally submitted.

There have been numerous changes to the draft Plan since the last consultation in 2016 but some of the key ones are:

  • Removal of some elements which should not be part of the adopted Plan
  • Split Character and Design section into two separate Policies and put more focus on what good design means to Adel
  • Removed Policy regarding land south of Dunstarn Lane as the Heath site is now being built and treatment of other land in the Site Allocations Plan has been changed
  • Changed the proposal regarding a Business Centre as the suggested site is not available
  • Rewritten Policy HT3 to reflect increasing focus on walking and cycling in the area
  • Added detail on Implementation
  • Reformatted the document to make it easier to read, general proof-reading corrections, renumbered figures for consistency, re-worked some of the diagrams for clarity, etc.

Following the final consultation by the Forum the Plan had some minor changes to take account of comments made and was then submitted to the Council for adoption.

Jeremy Emmott and Clive Hudson
Co-chairs, Adel Neighbourhood Forum

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