The Community Facilities we need in Adel.


Last month we reported on the Green Environment and Heritage issues. This month we look at the community needs in the area.  Our vision is to ensure Adel is a healthy, vibrant, safe and caring community.

Building on a consultation event held last year some of the issues identified are;

The need for children’s play provision.

The absence of a community centre for all ages.

The need for additional GP health provision.

Transport Links across Adel to gain access to Holt Park facilities.

Gardening Allotments in the area.

Parents want to see more play facilities within easy reach but problems have been identified in the shortage of public space and private space available. One option being suggested by the Council is for a play area being located at Golden Acre Park which Leeds City Council would part fund.

There is a need for more community activities for different age groups and discussions will take place with existing providers on the demands for these new services and the opening hours required.

Residents have identified there is a capacity issue concerning GP practices. We have written to the managers of all local and nearby practices. They advise that they are still taking patients but we understand that, for some, a 9 day wait for appointments is not unusual.

There are no public transport links from the north eastern side of Adel to the facilities at Holt Park such as the new Health and Well-Being Centre, Asda Superstore and two GP surgeries. This puts elderly residents without access to private transport at a serious disadvantage.

Gardening is popular in Adel with a successful Horticultural Society and the nationally recognised York Gate garden on our doorstep. A demand for allotment provision has been identified in public consultation but the scale of demand has not been tested and no ready source of land has yet been identified or made available.

The introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy on Developers may well help the Forum achieve some of those community facilities stated above. It would help us considerably to have your comments and ideas, particularly on whether these proposals would be welcomed in the area.

Ian Bond, Joint Chairman, Adel Neighbourhood Forum by e-mail

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