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General updates about Adel not regarding the Forum

Adel Car Wash – Planning Application in Adel Neighbourhood


(current Car Wash site, corner of Otley Road/Holt Lane)

 We have been advised of the following new planning application for the above site. There will be the “erection of new sales building, canopy” etc. The shop will be Marks & Spencer and contracts have already been exchanged subject to Planning Permission being granted. There is a similar BP/M & S site in Bingley and there’s another adjacent to a Mercedes Dealership on the outskirts of Harrogate should you wish to look at either of them.

Proposal:      Demolition of existing building and canopy and erection of petrol filling station with canopy, underground fuel tanks, air conditioning and refrigeration units and associated car parking, works and services | 503 Otley Road Adel Leeds LS16 7NR

Details of the application may be viewed at the web site below, or by accessing IT facilities in the library at Ralph Thoresby High School, or at the Leonardo Building, address below. Alternatively, you can go to the website address below and then insert the application number 17/00195 and press “search” and the information above should come up. You can then click on the associated documents if you wish to see what the documents are and you can look at all the individual documents.

 If you would like to submit a comment about this new proposal please use one of the following methods:

  • By writing to: Planning Services, The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds, LS2 8HD

  • sending an email to:

  • via the planning services website at

 Please quote the planning reference number, noted above, with your comments. The closing date for comments is 24th March.


Why we love Adel

Building on our two successful “Open days” we have commenced a formal engagement with the Adel Community through a survey of their housing and land development related issues. The top five reasons identified so far as to why people were attracted to move or stay in Adel were;
• Its peace and quiet
• The quality of the environment
• The character of the area
• Green space and
• Ease of access by transport to the city centre.

These could be threatened if the proposed developments take place and Leeds City Council and developers do not take these issues into account in their plans.

Other aspects that local people valued included the type of housing available, the good bus and road links, the sense of community, its heritage and listed buildings, its local education and health facilities and its low crime levels.
Traffic is consistently being identified as a key issue with 84% of respondents said there is too much traffic going through Adel raising concerns on road safety. Interestingly 49% said they would use a bus service that enabled them to get across to the other side of Adel to reach local schools, shops and health services.

In response to the question as to what additional services and facilities or resources people would like to see the top three were all low cost. Namely more identified walks around Adel, a nature trail and a trim trail. There is also strong support for better cycle access around Adel.
A ‘Facility for young people’ and ‘Children’s play playground’ again featured near the top of the list. These have consistently been identified over the years both have been included in the earlier Adel Neighbourhood Design Statement and in meetings held by our sister organisation, the Adel Association. There will be difficult decisions regarding the location of these facilities.
The return showed that over 50% of the survey had lived in Adel over 20 years and nearly 75% over 10 years- all evidence of a settled and established community. This is be borne out by the fact that the largest age group in the sample was in 45-59 age range (25%) and the largest accumulative sample was in the more mature age range with 51% of sample over 60 years reflecting, to a large extent, the overall age pattern in the area.

A Farmers’ market, Community centre and University of the Third Age are proposals that would bring added value to the area and are noted for future consideration.
If you would like to complete our survey or have any comments please do not hesitate to contact me on

Ian Bond

why we love adel, Adel church

The Adel Association Meeting with Adel Neighbourhood Forum – 21st November 2013

Please read the following information from Councillor Barry Anderson regarding an important joint association meeting hosted by The Adel Association on Thursday 21st November at 7.30pm.

Please find attached a flyer I am intending to hand deliver to residents in the area advertising the Adel Association meeting on 21st November when the planners along with David Wilson Homes and Hallam Land will be in attendance.  If you and/or a neighbour would be willing to deliver these leaflets in your area/street, let me know and I shall get these delivered to you for onward transmission.

The basic text of this is:

“As some of you are no doubt aware David Wilson Homes and Hallam Land, who own the site opposite the Church recently held an event in The Stables, Back Church Lane.  This meeting was exceptionally well attended by residents who were aware this session was taking place. It was however very apparent that not all residents were made aware of this session, this was not helped by the fact that the developers only gave residents 1 weeks’ notice of their planned event.

In order to address this shortfall and also to ensure that Leeds City Council planners and highways officers could be invited to a meeting I asked DWH and Hallam Land to attend the next Adel Association meeting which is taking place as follows:

Date:     Thursday 21st November 2013

Time:     7.30pm

Venue: The Stables, Back Church Lane, Adel

This is also in conjunction with the Adel Neighbourhood Forum.

I and both the Adel Association and the Neighbourhood Forum are all against this proposal.

It would be good if you could attend and bring any comments that you may have to the attention of the developers, planners or highways officers.

Please bring this to the attention of your friends and neighbours who may be interested in this issue.”



Cllr. Barry Anderson

Adel & Wharfedale Ward

Twitter @barryanderson19

**Chair’s notes: We expect this meeting to be filled to capacity.  The Stables car park is rather small so please park in the bays outside the front of the church.

Councillor Anderson maintains the database that we use to communicate with Adel residents.  If you wish to be included in email updates please email Councillor Anderson with “Adel Update” in the subject line so he can add you to the list.

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Potential Housing Development across Leeds

 The numbers in attendance at the public meeting on 7th June 2013 regarding potential housing development at Adel Memorial Hall showed just how serious this issue is to residents in Adel.

Whether or not you were able to attend the meeting please remember to take part in the consultation, which closes on 29th July. You can do so online .  If you are not on the internet you can send objections/comments of support by post to LDF Consultation (Site Allocations Plan), Forward Planning, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds LS2 8HD.  You must include your name and address and the site reference number(s) you are commenting on otherwise your comments will not be taken into account.   The site that generated considerable concern is the field opposite Adel Parish Church, adjoining the new housing being built. This is referred to as Site Reference 2130. It has been designated amber which means it has potential to be developed but there are issues to be resolved. If you care about this site with its historic significance and proximity to the church and conservation area, it is important you make your feelings felt as well as any of the other sites in Adel you are concerned about. You may also wish to support the sites that are currently red, remaining as red designations i.e. will not be used for housing.

The views of a community do count and will be considered by the Planning Department.

Ian Bond, Co-Chair, Adel Neighbourhood Forum

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