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Approved development opposite Adel Parish Church put on hold

Approved development opposite Adel Parish Church put on hold whilst being considered by Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government is reviewing Leeds City Council’s Plans Panel approval of the outline planning application for the development of the land opposite Adel Parish Church. The application by Hallam Land seeks to provide up to a 100 houses and a new school. The decision by the Plans Panel was fiercely opposed by Adel Neighbourhood Forum, local councillors, Greg Mulholland, MP and Historic England (previously known as English Heritage). The council’s lack of a five year land supply was the critical factor and the driving influence for the majority of councillors on the Panel in approving the plan.


Historic England were very clear in their objection that what was proposed would harm the setting of the Grade1 listed Church but this was minimised by Planning Officers and the Council’s Conservation Officer.  It was particularly concerned that the land on the east side of the beck is to be used for the playing fields for the new school. This will require a 2.4 metre fence. The council’s conservation officer said that it could be screened with hedging to suggest old field boundaries.


Highways have decided against a traffic light controlled junction opposite Kingsley Drive to minimise delay on the A660 Otley Road, preferring to see the installation of a staggered junction. This will be the only exit from the site. The Forum believes that there will be an increase in traffic on the rural Church Lane avoiding the congestion on Otley Road.


The Department for Communities and Local Government is now considering whether the Council’s decision is sound and whether it can be released back to the Council for implementation or whether they should be invited to look again at the case. We welcome the intervention by the Secretary of State and await the outcome.

field of corn, Church Lane, Adel, Leeds with trees. Looking towards Otley Road