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Minutes of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum, 7th February 2017

Held on Tuesday 7th February 2017 in Adel War Memorial Association

Attendees: Ian Bond (Co-Chair), Nick Brown (Co-Chair), John Hartley, Jeremy Emmott, Francis Garbutt, Cllr. Barry Anderson, Cllr. Caroline Anderson (Minutes) (all from Steering Group), plus 6 local residents.

Apologies: Received from Grace Clark, Geoff Steel, Graham Bond (Treasurer).

  1. Feedback from public consultation

Jeremy gave the feedback from the most recent public consultation. 4 events were held; approximately 180 people attended the sessions. 36 questionnaires were completed plus 2 questionnaires received from developers.

There was support across the board for our Plan policies. Disagreement came from those who objected to development on Church Lane and the land south of Dunstarn Lane.  Some comments were made about no provision for cycling.

The next step is to get our final version of the plan to the Council and for the Inspector to receive it. It will then go to Referendum.

  1. Addressing comments made by Leeds City Council on the draft plan

Ian advised that we could take on board most of the comments the Council has made. There is a difficult decision to be made in when to submit the Plan. The Council say they would not accept it if it does not conform to the Council’s Site Allocations Policy (SAP).

Cllr. Barry Anderson outlined the SAP timetable. A review of the Core Strategy will take place concurrently.

  1. Planning Application – Church Lane/Otley Road

There are 120 objections on the planning portal. The Steering Group has worked through the documents on the portal. We have raised issues about highways. Ian read out the objection from Historic England. The Planning Officer is regarding the first letter from Historic England as their substantive response.

Explanation was given about the land for the school and the status a school would take i.e. a Free School or an Academy.

A short discussion was held on the Government’s Housing White Paper that was issued today.

  1. Adel Reformatory Site (Eastmoor)

Nick updated the meeting on the Reformatory site. This has been on the market and offers for bids closed 2 weeks ago. If a bid is accepted and a scheme put forward we should be made aware of this soon.

  1. Dunstarn Lane site

The Heath site which was been agreed as a site to develop a number of years ago is in the process of going through the planning stages. The developer listened to residents’ concerns and has made some changes, following the public consultation events. The Council are not content with these changes and are in discussions with the developer.

The adjacent site at Dunstarn Lane is in the Site Allocations Plan for future development. A bungalow on Dunstarn Lane has been bought by a developer and this would give access to this adjacent land.

  1. Green space

Ian explained that we need to ensure that where there is green space in Adel that this is afforded protection e.g. the American Plantation and the land opposite Adel Wood Stores.

Paul Simkins, who is leading on green space for the Forum, is to be asked to bring his green space display to the AGM.

  1. Landscaping

The Council has suggested that we incorporate the sections on landscaping into one part of the Plan.

  1. Businesses

John Hartley gave a presentation on how we are working with the businesses in the area during the development of the plan and gave everyone an updated map of where all the businesses are situated within Adel. The Council liked the Plan for business but would want to ensure we do not stifle change of use for the future, for example, we have had to justify our Hot Food Takeaway position where we have stated no more than 15% should be in the area at one time. The Council’s own Public Health plan objects to a proliferation of hot food takeaways. The Royal Society of Public Health Report on the High Street in 2015 was particularly critical of fast food outlets and proposed a limit of 5% on every high street.

The Council has also asked why we want a new Business Centre. According to the MINT database there are 258 businesses either based (226) or registered (32) in Adel. Many are working from home which can be both lonely and isolating. The Forum would like to see somewhere that people could meet up for a few hours or 1 or 2 days a week to share ideas and experience. We have added to the wording to say that a Business Centre would not replace an important retail facility.

  1. Next Steps

Nick explained that we now need to tighten up the plan; we are being encouraged to submit it. We will be able to select our own Inspector and they will assess the plan. Compliance is just the Inspector’s opinion on whether we adhere to the policies and we have to be in compliance with the Council’s Core Strategy and the Site Allocation Plans.

The test is to define a sustainable way forward for the future of Adel. We are not here to stop development but to influence where it goes. The Forward Planning team at the Council are interested to see how we progress.

As a Forum we shall also get a share of any Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) which can be used for improvements within the Adel area.

  1. Financial Statement

There is £656.90 in the bank account. This is needed for the hire of rooms for consultation events. We require funds.

  1. Marketing Update

John Hartley advised of the various publicity outlets we use e.g. ANF Website, Facebook, and Twitter; also hard copy magazines North Leeds Life, Adel Bells and Suburban.

  1. Footpath from Church Lane to Bedquilts (public right of way)

Nick raised the issue of the footpath on which the Council currently wants residents’ views in terms of their plans to upgrade it. It was agreed that the Forum would support the plans.

The Next Meeting will be the AGM to be held on 17th May at 7.30pm in the Main Hall, Adel War Memorial Association.


Adel Car Wash – Planning Application in Adel Neighbourhood


(current Car Wash site, corner of Otley Road/Holt Lane)

 We have been advised of the following new planning application for the above site. There will be the “erection of new sales building, canopy” etc. The shop will be Marks & Spencer and contracts have already been exchanged subject to Planning Permission being granted. There is a similar BP/M & S site in Bingley and there’s another adjacent to a Mercedes Dealership on the outskirts of Harrogate should you wish to look at either of them.

Proposal:      Demolition of existing building and canopy and erection of petrol filling station with canopy, underground fuel tanks, air conditioning and refrigeration units and associated car parking, works and services | 503 Otley Road Adel Leeds LS16 7NR

Details of the application may be viewed at the web site below, or by accessing IT facilities in the library at Ralph Thoresby High School, or at the Leonardo Building, address below. Alternatively, you can go to the website address below and then insert the application number 17/00195 and press “search” and the information above should come up. You can then click on the associated documents if you wish to see what the documents are and you can look at all the individual documents.

 If you would like to submit a comment about this new proposal please use one of the following methods:

  • By writing to: Planning Services, The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds, LS2 8HD

  • sending an email to:

  • via the planning services website at

 Please quote the planning reference number, noted above, with your comments. The closing date for comments is 24th March.