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Consultation Meetings in Adel

Land Development in Adel

The series of consultation meetings on the Adel Neighbourhood Plan covering land development and related issues for the next 20 years took place in September and October 2016. There was a healthy turnout of around 170 local residents and a steady flow of visitors expressed their support, interest and concerns to Members of the Forum and Cllrs Barry and Caroline Anderson.

The main concerns were Leeds City Council’s Site Allocation Plans on the housing developments on green field sites. The green space, cycle ways and paths issues drew encouraging support as did plans for a children’s play area.

Councillor Barry Anderson said “I was very pleased with the turnout to the consultation events and it has given the Forum a lot of information that confirms we are in accord with what residents want. We were able to meet and talk to a lot of people and explain what the plan is all about for those who had not been to an event before. We really appreciate residents taking the time to come and see how the plan is coming together. I think people were impressed with the amount of work that has been put into it and the time and effort given by the volunteers who make up the Forum Steering Group.”

The comments and feedback from the events will now be reviewed and those relevant and appropriate will be incorporated in the Plan.  The next stage will be to send the plan to the Leeds City Council and after its comments have been considered it will be submitted to an independent Inspector to review it against the legal requirements. Once approved by the independent inspector it will go to a referendum of all Adel residents. We need 50% of those who vote in the referendum to approve the plan.

If you have any comments on the above or would like further information please contact:

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The feedback on the formal responses received also the public meeting of 17th November on the proposed development by Hallam Land on the site opposite Adel Parish Church will follow later.



Housing Development twixt Church Lane, Adel & Otley Road

Joint Meeting of Adel Neighbourhood Forum & Adel Association

Thursday, 17th November 2016, 7.30pm in the Old Stables, back of Adel Parish Curch

Cllr Barry Anderson will Chair this important meeting to seek residents’ views on the proposed housing development by Hallam Land on the land opposite Adel Parish Church. The agenda will be:

  1. Introductions
  2. Outline of current position with Leeds’ housing e.g. recent Inspector’s reports and 5 year land supply
  3. Discussion on the views of residents on the following topics:
  • Highways/Transport
  • Trees
  • Screening
  • Number of houses
  • Types of housing
  • The position of the school on the site (not on whether or not a school is or isn’t wanted but in terms of the impact it will have on the properties that surround it).
  • What will happen to the land between Adel Parish Church and the edge of the development site.
  • Green space areas
  • Lack of infrastructure
  • Any other issues.

Invitations have been sent to Hallam Land and to Leeds City Council officers.

All Adel Residents and Businesses are welcome.