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Your Comments needed on Draft Plan

The Forum has been busy over the last couple of months reviewing the feedback from the Community obtained from Open Day and Special Interest Group meetings. Before we formally submit the Neighbourhood Plan for Inspection we intend to seek comments, additions and/or endorsement of these initial ideas to ensure we are heading in the right direction.

Between now and mid-July we intend to bring the plan to local community events around Adel and seek the thoughts and views of the community. Look out for the Neighbourhood Forum’s stand at these events as this is an opportunity for you to influence the Plan.

The heart of the Plan will set out the vision, core objectives and policies for Adel, the following suggestions give a flavour of our thinking.

Our VISION is to build on our ancient history and ensure that future developments help define, protect and enhance Adel as a modern settlement in its own right known for its landscape, green spaces and gardens together with the character of its buildings. The quality of our amenities, facilities and education provision will also be major priorities which will help to strengthen our sense of community.

As an illustration some of the proposed CORE OBJECTIVES are set out below under the key issues. These are the foundation for the planning policies which will flow from them.

Sustainable development and delivery of housing

• to improve the diversity of housing developments, with a range of different house types, and a greater range of affordable housing with this clearly being expressed in consultation with the local community.

Character, Design Quality and the Environment

• to ensure that future housing development contributes to the enhancement of the over-riding character of Adel stemming from its history, its landscape setting, and the distinctive character of its housing

Highways and Traffic

• to reduce the impact of congestion and improve road safety within Adel through the introduction of a traffic management plan


• to ensure that there is sufficient capacity within primary school provision for Adel, and to allow families within Adel to access their choice of primary school provision.

Heritage and Green Space

• to preserve and enhance the key heritage assets of Adel and to enhance the identity of Adel with local green space.

Community Facilities

• to ensure that Adel has a recognised community centre or centres that can provide for a range of community provision extending and enhancing what is currently provided.

Business and Retail

• to support and develop a thriving shops and services sector of physical businesses, with particular emphasis on those that are in keeping with the character of Adel, that offer relevant and appropriate services.

Once the Neighbourhood Plan is endorsed, the Neighbourhood Forum’s role will be to ensure that any proposed development fits with the planning policies that have been agreed.

For comments or further information contact;

Ian Bond Joint Chairman, Adel Neighbourhood Forum by e-mail

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