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Is there a housing need for older residents in Adel?

An independent “Housing Needs Assessment” Report has just been received for the Adel Area.  The report makes interesting reading on the both the overall need for further development and the type of housing that should be considered for existing sites.

The Conclusion reads “There are (approved or under consideration) development sites within Adel with a capacity for 440 new homes…………. There are a further 8 development sites that have been identified that are located in Adel that have a capacity of very close to 1,000 new homes.  …….it is questionable whether this amount of new housing is needed to meet local needs ……………and that the local infrastructure (school places and transport links) is inadequate to support such a scale of additional housing”.

“There is evidence of housing need arising from older single people and couples living in properties that are too large for their needs and who want to downsize and release equity from their properties”.

The last point is reinforced by the Census 2011 which showed that 22% of the Adel Population is aged 65 and over compared to 15% for the Leeds area as a whole.

ARCO – Associated Retirement Community Providers- the umbrella organisation for retirement community providers would like an indication of the support for providing a range of provision for seniors living here on approved sites.  What are your views? Let us know through the postal or email address below.

We are grateful for help from the Community Support Foundation and many thanks to those of you who have generously contributed to our work. If you wish to donate to our fund please make your cheque payable to Adel Neighbourhood Forum and send it to the address below.

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