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Why we love Adel

Building on our two successful “Open days” we have commenced a formal engagement with the Adel Community through a survey of their housing and land development related issues. The top five reasons identified so far as to why people were attracted to move or stay in Adel were;
• Its peace and quiet
• The quality of the environment
• The character of the area
• Green space and
• Ease of access by transport to the city centre.

These could be threatened if the proposed developments take place and Leeds City Council and developers do not take these issues into account in their plans.

Other aspects that local people valued included the type of housing available, the good bus and road links, the sense of community, its heritage and listed buildings, its local education and health facilities and its low crime levels.
Traffic is consistently being identified as a key issue with 84% of respondents said there is too much traffic going through Adel raising concerns on road safety. Interestingly 49% said they would use a bus service that enabled them to get across to the other side of Adel to reach local schools, shops and health services.

In response to the question as to what additional services and facilities or resources people would like to see the top three were all low cost. Namely more identified walks around Adel, a nature trail and a trim trail. There is also strong support for better cycle access around Adel.
A ‘Facility for young people’ and ‘Children’s play playground’ again featured near the top of the list. These have consistently been identified over the years both have been included in the earlier Adel Neighbourhood Design Statement and in meetings held by our sister organisation, the Adel Association. There will be difficult decisions regarding the location of these facilities.
The return showed that over 50% of the survey had lived in Adel over 20 years and nearly 75% over 10 years- all evidence of a settled and established community. This is be borne out by the fact that the largest age group in the sample was in 45-59 age range (25%) and the largest accumulative sample was in the more mature age range with 51% of sample over 60 years reflecting, to a large extent, the overall age pattern in the area.

A Farmers’ market, Community centre and University of the Third Age are proposals that would bring added value to the area and are noted for future consideration.
If you would like to complete our survey or have any comments please do not hesitate to contact me on

Ian Bond

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