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Potential Housing Development across Leeds

 The numbers in attendance at the public meeting on 7th June 2013 regarding potential housing development at Adel Memorial Hall showed just how serious this issue is to residents in Adel.

Whether or not you were able to attend the meeting please remember to take part in the consultation, which closes on 29th July. You can do so online .  If you are not on the internet you can send objections/comments of support by post to LDF Consultation (Site Allocations Plan), Forward Planning, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds LS2 8HD.  You must include your name and address and the site reference number(s) you are commenting on otherwise your comments will not be taken into account.   The site that generated considerable concern is the field opposite Adel Parish Church, adjoining the new housing being built. This is referred to as Site Reference 2130. It has been designated amber which means it has potential to be developed but there are issues to be resolved. If you care about this site with its historic significance and proximity to the church and conservation area, it is important you make your feelings felt as well as any of the other sites in Adel you are concerned about. You may also wish to support the sites that are currently red, remaining as red designations i.e. will not be used for housing.

The views of a community do count and will be considered by the Planning Department.

Ian Bond, Co-Chair, Adel Neighbourhood Forum

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