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Adel Neighbourhood Forum – Minutes 22nd April




Attendees: Ian Bond (co-chair), Nick Brown (co-chair), John Hartley, Geoff Steel, Cllr. Barry Anderson, Caroline Anderson (Minutes), Grace Clark, Allan Dawson, Francis Garbutt, Keith Spark, Barrie Hopson, Tamara Dervish, Paul Simkins, Ann Sellens, Rose Gilliard, David Gilliard, Johnny Abraham

 Apologies: Sarah Rushton, Hazel Hinchcliffe, Sue Holmes

Ian Bond welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1 Feedback from from the Consultation Day on 2oth April

Mike Dando, our Planning Aid contact said this was a good turnout.

Barrie Hopson praised the Forum for the excellent organisation on the day.

Nick went on to give an overview of comments on each of the topics.

 Green Space and Heritage

Protection of the green spaces

Enhancement of the green spaces

Footpaths, cycle ways, links to all green space

Comments on the Church, its setting, its heritage

Church at Eastmoor also mentioned as an asset

Seven Arches Viaduct mentioned as an asset


Broad range of comments. Strong themes came out on the type of housing required and the desire for smaller properties e.g. bungalows.

Access for the elderly and disabled

Affordability was a theme

Affordability for younger people to remain in the area or move back to the area.

Need for sheltered accommodation, perhaps warden-assisted care.

On the design front a high level of support for maintaining the character of Adel i.e. its individuality amongst its properties.

Support for need for developers to sell individual plots to people to build their own houses.


Clear messages re issues and challenges of schools being oversubscribed.

Adel needs a new school – suggestions on where it should be.

Also High School provision required – could we have a through-school in Adel i.e. from age 3 years up to 17.

Need for safe play areas.

Need to have the current schools used outside normal hours for other things e.g. Adult Education.

Community Facilities

Support for a good pub in the area.

There is no community or centre of identity

More access to local GPs, community centre for meeting

Somewhere for children to play

Support for a skatepark

Allotments also featured in the suggestions.

Strong feeling that people would like to walk to the facilities in Adel


Some people felt that they did not want any more businesses in the area, it is a residential area.

Some people think the shops look scruffy

Support for trees lining Otley Road like a boulevard

Suggestions for The Stables to be upgraded to an Arts Centre

High Speed Broadband needed for home workers

We need somewhere for people to meet


The analysis for this was not yet complete but clearly some issues stood out e.g. Church Lane/Adel Lane has issues with both rat running and on weekends with the sport being played on Bedquilts. Sometimes speed is an issue and other times not being able to move is an issue.

Impact of the Trolley Bus on the current no. 1 and no. 28 services.

Cycling – cycle paths wanted from Adel to Headingley.

Once Nick had given the analysis a discussion on some of the points took place.

Tamara asked if developers were allowed to build what they wanted rather than what the residents wanted or what was required.

Cllr. Anderson explained how the housing figures are worked out, what percentage Adel needs to take, what an Inspector will look for i.e. a 5 year land supply.  City wide the target is for 70,000 houses but developers are arguing for larger numbers and want the Council to set aside land for the figure they determine is the correct level.

The Council will soon be issuing for consultation the sites they feel would be most appropriate for development. Ultimately this will lead to a Public Inquiry before an independent Planning Inspector.

We do need to develop the Neighbourhood Plan as soon as possible.

Geoff Steel suggested that we might do an interim plan as an outline to show we have started something. Cllr. Anderson said this would be a good idea.

2 Clarification of the  Neighbourhood Boundary

Ian explained the history of how the boundary for the plan has come about. We may have to redraw the boundary as the historical Adel Parish Boundary is at variance the boundaries of both Bramhope Parish and Alwoodley Parish Council areas. Leeds City Council are using the Adel area as a test case with the Government to get issues like this highlighted so that they can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

It is proposed to write to the Electoral Registration Office.

3 Adoption of the Constitution

The Constitution was adopted subject to an amendment to Point 15 in respect of notice required for meetings. The need for 14 days notice for a steering group meeting will be removed. The need for 14 days notice for an Annual General Meeting remains and in addition 14 days notice for a Special General Meeting will be added.

The Forum needs a Treasurer and Johnny Abraham expressed an interest in the role.

4 Focus Groups

Ian explained what the Focus Groups would be and the need to have Focus Groups that can start to meet. Each Focus Group lead will endeavour to get members on board.

Caroline will write to those who left their email addresses on Saturday asking if they are interested in joining a Focus Group.

Tamara volunteered for the Education group and any others that needed help.

Allan Dawson feels we need to ensure that the people who live on the west side of Otley Road need to be included so we should try to hold some focus group meetings or another consultation day in Adel Methodist Church Hall.

5 Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Ian explained what the CIL is and how this can be obtained for the benefit of the community once the developers start to pay the CIL.


Cllr. Anderson put a proposal forward he had received from a resident who wanted the Forum to put in an objection to the Bodington development on highways grounds. The meeting agreed that this was not within our remit or our constitution and individuals would have to object separately.

Ian read out a letter from a young lady who had attended the Open Day on Saturday 20th. Ian will respond to her.

Date of Next Meetings: 22nd July, 4th November 2013

Post Meeting Note – after consulting the lady who hires the hall both of these meetings will be at 7.30pm.

The meeting was formally closed by the Co-Chairs.


Successful Adel Neighbourhood Forum Open Day

The Neighbourhood Forum conducted its first public consultation on Saturday 20th April at Adel St John’s Church of England, Primary School. This gave the opportunity for Adel Residents and others to express their views on future land use in the area and other issues arising from these developments.

We were advised that a successful day should attract an attendance of 100 persons; in the event 138 people turned up and more importantly they more than filled the response boards with their views.  These views will be collated and analysed and form the basis for further research by six Focus Groups.  The Groups will cover the main issues such as Housing, Traffic, Education Provision, Heritage and Environment, Community Services and Business Support.  If any of these topics interest you please contact me on the e-mail below.

To provide a flavour of the messages received, some of the wide ranging issues are listed below.

Residents wish to retain the leafy, rural character of Adel and protect the green setting of Adel Parish Church and other listed buildings. There were views on footpaths which link up green space and cycle ways.

In terms of housing design, a high level of support was received for maintaining the character of Adel i.e. individuality amongst its properties. Strong themes came out on the type of housing required and in some cases the desire for smaller properties e.g. bungalows. Affordability was a theme for younger people to remain in the area or move back to the area. At the other end of the spectrum there were messages proposing sheltered accommodation, perhaps warden-assisted care.

Clear concerns were expressed on the challenges of being unable to find a place at the two excellent Adel Primary Schools which were already oversubscribed and faced increased demand due to development.

Church Lane/Adel Lane has particular traffic problems being a “rat run” for commuters and with sport being played on Bedquilts fields at weekends. Sometimes speed is an issue and at other times not being able to move is the problem. Some worries were received on the impact of the New Generation Trolley Bus on the current no. 1 and no. 28 services.

A view was expressed regarding the lack of an identified community centre where residents could meet and access services. Also a need for a place where children could play safely was proposed.  There was also suggestion for a skatepark which raised conflicting views.

In terms of Businesses and employment High Speed Broadband was seen as particularly important for home based businesses and those with premises. Also helpful would be an Information Centre for business people to access services and network together.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your views or interest on these or indeed on any relevant issues.

Ian Bond & Nick Brown

Ian Bond on